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  1. Obtain a COPY CARD. These can be purchased in the library for $1.00, but you may choose how much money you wish to put on the card.**Write your name on the back of your card to help retrieve any missing or lost cards**
  2. Open the file you need to print.
  3. Click File, Print and choose any additional settings needed (e.g. PowerPoint handouts, single sided pages, etc.).
  4. Print to either the Canon iR-ADV 6255-LEFT or Canon iR-ADV 6255-RIGHT.
  5. You may send multiple files to the copier so they can all be printed at one time.
  6. Your print job(s) will be sent to the copier and stored in a MAILBOX.
  7. Each workstation is labeled with a number on the upper left hand corner of the monitor. This number matches the mailbox number in the copier where your print jobs are being held. Print jobs will be held for one hour.
  8. Insert your COPY CARD into the Equitrac pay station to activate the copier. The pay station is located between the copiers.
  9. Press the Access Stored Files button, and then press MAILBOX. Select the appropriate mailbox number that matches your workstation number.
  10. Select the job(s) from that list (you have the option to select all files if printing multiple documents) and then press print.
  11. Select the appropriate settings to meet your printing needs (stapled copies, double sided pages, etc.).
  12. Select START PRINTING to begin printing your job(s).


  • Copies are $0.10 per page.

**Don't forget to remove your COPY CARD**

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